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Top 10 NEET Coaching in Janakpuri West Delhi

Are you a NEET Aspraint? Need help deciding which institute to choose for your NEET Preparation in Delhi? Don't worry. We have mentioned the Institutes Top 10 NEET Coaching in Janakpuri West Delhi for NEET Preparation. But before that, let’s understand a bit about NEET and Things to consider before choosing a NEET Institute.

NEET stands for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test. It is a national exam that the National Testing Agency (NTA) holds to determine who gets into professional programs like engineering, medicine, and architecture. NEET is conducted twice a year, in May and November. It is mandatory for students who wish to pursue their careers in these courses.

NEET was first introduced on 5th May 2013 after the government passed an ordinance to make it compulsory for all Medical Aspirants to take this test before applying for admission into any medical college or university. This exam replaced the All India Premedical Test (AIPMT), which was held annually since 2008 but was cancelled by Supreme Court in 2015 because it was deemed too expensive for students from rural areas who would have had to travel long distances from their homes.

The NEET Exam Consists of Three Parts –

  • Physics (Class 11th & Class 12th )
  • Chemistry (Class 11th & Class 12th )
  • Biology (Class 11th & Class 12th )

The questions are based on the syllabus prescribed by CBSE for class 12th students. The questions are objective-type, and multiple-choice questions.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a NEET Coaching Centre in Janakpuri West Delhi

Choosing a NEET Coaching Classes in janakpuri is a big decision. You want to make sure you're selecting the right one for you. What kind of experience do the institution and teachers have? Is it new or established? Does it have a reputation for quality education or subpar performance?

Choosing the right NEET Coaching Institute Janakpuri is a vital part of your preparation. The right institution can make all the difference in whether you pass or fail, so research is essential before deciding on one. Here are some things to consider when choosing a NEET Coaching Centre in Janakpuri

NEET Classes Location: Choose an institution close enough for you to readily travel to but not so far away that it will take a long time. You might also rent a room near your institute.

NEET Coaching Fees: Before deciding, ensure you understand how much the NEET Coaching Classes cost and what they entail. Furthermore, compare the rates charged by various coaching classes and select one that fits your budget.

NEET INSTITUTE Faculty: Inquire with other students or alums about their interactions with teachers at other universities. This offers you a decent indication of the level of quality that each has to offer. Look for experienced, well-qualified teachers who have a proven track record of assisting pupils in succeeding. Having the Best Teacher for NEET can be an advantage.

Curriculum and Teaching Method: Always ask if the institution's curriculum is aligned with the NEET Syllabus outline specified by CBSE/ISC/NCERT. Make sure that the coaching class covers all relevant topics and use a teaching strategy appropriate for your learning style.

Test Series and Study Resources: Determine whether the coaching class offers regular mock tests for NEET and study materials that are routinely updated.

NEET Academy Past Performance: Look at the version of the coaching class and the number of students who passed the NEET exam.

Success Rate: A motivated student can undoubtedly crack the NEET Exam. However, an institute plays a vital role in NEET preparation. Before joining an institute for NEET Preparation, you should examine the institute's success rate. Check how many students passed the NEET exam. A research centre may produce positive outcomes, but you must conduct extensive research.

Reviews and Ratings: Check google reviews and ratings of the coaching class to get a sense of what other students have said.

Infrastructure: Check to see if the coaching class has good infrastructure, such as libraries, computer labs, and modern and comfortable classrooms.

Some of the Best NEET Coaching Centres are located in Janakpuri west, Delhi. We have concluded a list that will help you make a wiser choice for your NEET journey.

Here are the Top 10 NEET Coaching Institutes in Janakpuri

  • Top 01 YVS Institute:- NEET Coaching Institutes in Janakpuri U-182, 2nd Floor Upadhyay Block,Shakarpur,Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station Gate No-4,Delhi-110092
  • Top 02 NSD- Residential:- NEET Coaching Institutes in Laxmi Nagar U-182, 1st Floor, Upadhyay Block, Shakarpur, Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station Gate No-4, New Delhi-110092
  • Top 03 Akash Institute: Janakpuri West Delhi-110018
  • Top 04 Unacademy:- Bangalore
  • Top 05 Motion:- Kota (Rajasthan), India 324005
  • Top 06 Resonance:- Kota (Rajasthan), India 324005
  • Top 07 Pace IIT'IANS:- Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400058.
  • Top 08 Sahil Study Circle:- Janak Puri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058
  • Top 09 Sri Chaitanya:- Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081
  • Top 10 Allen:- Janakpuri West Delhi-110018


Every student has their potential and mindset.NEET Exam Preparation is not easy, but if you have the right teacher to guide you and the right environment through teaching you, then your journey becomes easier and more memorable. Check out the institute mentioned above, compare them, research and choose the best one.


What Are the Fees for NEET Coaching in Delhi?

The cost of NEET Coaching in Delhi varies depending on your chosen institute. For instance, a one-month course can cost anywhere from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 6000, while a four-month system can cost upwards of Rs. 30,000.

But, If you're looking for a more affordable option, you can always try searching for a local tutor who specializes in preparing students for exams like NEET. However, if you have the money, it's always better to go with an accredited school that offers support from an entire team of teachers and trainers.

How Many Marks Are Required for MBBS in NEET?

There are exam conduct 720 marks in NEET but for selection process in MBBS in depend of categories like as (General, OBC, SC, ST and EWS) if you belong to general categories than 600 marks will be of safe region to get admission in Govt. MBBS college.

The comprehensive exam is broken down into a computer-based test (CBT) and an online objective test (OOT). The CBT counts for 120 marks, while the OOT has a weightage of 40 marks.

The entrance examination has three parts: a basic science paper, an aptitude test, and an interview. It is calculated as a percentage, with each piece contributing 50% to the final score.

What Is a Good Rank in NEET?

A good rank in NEET is an upper 60% rank.
This means you should aim to get between 50-100% percentile for your NEET exam. The exam is held every year in April. It's a computer-based test, which means you'll get your score immediately after answering all the questions. You can take this test only once every year.

How Many Attempts Are Allowed in NEET?

From NEET 2022, there is no such attempt limit and not age restriction applies. Students who want to improvement in the exam He/She can appear in the exam from the age 17 to 60 12th Appearing and 12th Passed

Can You Get Admission to Any AIIMS with 650 Marks in NEET?

You can get admission to any AIIMS with 650 marks in NEET, but it's not guaranteed.
Some of the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will consider students with a minimum score of 650 on the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET).
The AIIMS in Patna, Bhopal, and Raipur are among those that do not require applicants to have a minimum score at all.

If you have applied to an AIIMS that requires a minimum score, you may still be able to get in if your NEET score is high enough. For example, if you are applying to AIIMS New Delhi and your NEET score is 650 or higher, then you should be able to get admitted.